Choosing the best PIN Mailer

There is a funny story about life in the modern era, and it tells of the woman who realised how fast paced her life had become when she realised she was trying to enter her PIN number on her microwave’s keypad. While this is a humourous tale about modern life, it also demonstrates how many PIN numbers people now have. We use them for our bank card, online accounts, credit cards and various other transactions. This is a lot of numbers to remember, and each day millions of people entirely forget them, and most receive a PIN mailer to help them out.

Most companies are hesitant to just remind a customer of their PIN number over the phone or through an email, and a majority will send these out via the postal service instead. Now, this is not a totally secure method for conveying this information either. To combat the chance of any fraud or identity theft, most companies look to a security solutions provider for a PIN mailer.

What is a PIN mailer? They come in a variety of formats, but they all share one characteristic and that is that they will quickly reveal if they have been opened. They do this through a few different methods. The most common is through the use of a pressure seal mailer. This is one of the most common mailers that almost every consumer has received at one time or another. They require the removal of three sides of the mailer in order to open and access the information contained inside. These are a very handy way to send out private data of all kinds as well as secure documents like cheques and invoices. This is because they have to be torn apart to be read, which means a criminal would have to be foolish and brazen, and the consumer will know immediately if the mailing has been tampered with.

Another variety of PIN mailer uses the “scratch code” technology. This is actually a two-level form of security because it first requires the recipient to peel back a portion of the outer envelope and then scratch away a thick security coating that then reveals the PIN. This type of PIN mailer will be able to show the recipient if the code has been compromised in transit simply by glancing at the peel away region of the PIN mailer. If this has been opened, it is likely that fraud has been attempted.

A PIN mailer is one of the surest way of communicating in complete security and safety.